2. Vulnerability Assessment Tool

What is a climate change Vulnerability Assessment?

A climate change vulnerability assessment is a way of identifying and prioritising impacts from climate change. The IPCC defines vulnerability as:

"Vulnerability to climate change is the degree to which geophysical, biological and socio-economic systems are susceptible to, and unable to cope with, adverse impacts of climate change " 

A vulnerability assessment lets you identify these adverse impacts of climate change that are most important to your area. The video below is a summary of the climate change vulnerability assessment process that is used in this toolkit.

How do I conduct a Vulnerability Assessment?

The presentation below provides a summary of the vulnerability assessment process using the LGCCS Vulnerability Assessment Tool. You can also download the following documents as part of this tool. 
  • Vulnerability Assessment Score Sheet (excel)
  • Vulnerability Assessment Methodology Presentation (power point)
  • Vulnerability Assessment Indicator Tables (excel)

Steps involved in a Vulnerability Assessment

What's next?

Once you have identified your key vulnerability indicators for each sector you can develop a climate change response plan using the templates provided through the LGCCS. Click here for more information on the climate change response plan templates.